Eco Proportioning Systems

28 Aug 2023

Most facilities require a variety of cleaning and disinfecting products to stay clean. This can require purchasing products from different manufacturers, learning new dilution ratios, and finding storage space for bulky ready-to-use products.

Simplify Your Ordering Process 

Eco® proportioning systems dilute all Eco products. This …

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What is Microban Technology?

03 Aug 2023

Microban antimicrobial technology is a built-in ingredient that helps products resist the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and other microbes. It is not a substitute for regular cleaning practices, but does continuously fight the growth of microbes and can keep products you purchase cleaner, longer.

What is Microban Used For?

Many companies …

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Buckeye Honors: Surveys

24 Mar 2023

With cafeterias, restrooms, locker rooms, classrooms, gymnasiums, and hallways, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in all areas of a school is challenging. Having the right tools to keep schools clean for students is a major component of a successful maintenance program. If your custodial team spans across multiple facilities, …

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Maintenance Products, Programs, and Training for Healthcare Facilities

20 Feb 2023

Combatting the spread of HAIs (healthcare associated infections) in healthcare facilities is a complex task that requires a multi-faceted approach. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require an effective cleaning and maintenance program to protect staff, visitors, and patients from the spread of germs and illness.

Hand Hygiene 

The …

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