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Buckeye International provides full-facility solutions for any market. We have earned our reputation as a leader in the cleaning and maintenance industry with superior manufacturing, innovative and sustainable cleaning programs, and expert representatives.

A Complete Partnership


Don’t compete with other distributors to sell Buckeye products.


Each Buckeye cleaning product is designed with quality, innovation, and integrity.

Program Selling and Support

Buckeye’s quality products and programs come with expert sales support.

“Our relationship with Buckeye has meant growth inside market segments we’ve never done business with. Our healthcare business is starting to pick up and that’s an arena that has not been very successful for us in the past.”

Buckeye Distributor, KSS Enterprises

Brand Awareness

Advertise in industry magazines and access company marketing materials.


Buckeye is constantly investing in expanding markets and innovative products.


Partner with Buckeye to access members of local and nationwide purchasing co-ops, GSA contracts, and state contracts.

Integrity and Exclusivity

Distributors of Buckeye products are guaranteed exclusive territories — no other distributor competes in that territory and carries the Buckeye line of products. Exclusivity allows for product price flexibility. This gives Buckeye distributors a distinct advantage and increased profitability.

Buckeye is the only company in the industry that makes this commitment to you.

Buckeye products are manufactured in the USA, greatly reducing supply chain issues and ensuring our customers have access to essential products when they are needed.


Investing in Innovation

We are committed to designing the most innovative, high performance and cost-effective products, packaging, and programs.

On-Site Research and Development

Using state of the art equipment, our on-site Research and Development team develops products that reach the highest quality standards.

Buckeye Chemistry:
Green Before it Became a Marketing Strategy

We proactively eliminated hard surface cleaners that contained potentially hazardous ingredients including: butyl, solvents, and alcohol bases.

We developed Liquescent technology, which enabled us to manufacture high performance products while adhering to our principle of human health and environmental safety.

Renaissance Performance Polymers

Buckeye floor finishes are formulated with Renaissance Performance Polymers. Renaissance is manufactured by Buckeye and is therefore able to replicate exact polymer specifications for our floor finishes, guaranteeing consistent results for our customers every time. We are the source of the raw material, and share overall value and cost savings with you.

Training Programs

Buckeye programs provide high performance products, helpful awareness and education materials, specialized training procedures and knowledgeable sales support.

Buckeye International

What Does Buckeye represent in the cleaning and maintenance industry?


Uncompromised product formulation and performance.


Commitment to safer product development for the worker and environment.


Cost and labor savings for you and your customers.

“Buckeye is very transparent which has built a lot of trust over the years. We know they’re not withholding information. They’re looking miles down the road for us so we don’t have to react whenever we’re in a bind.”

Landon Jaggers, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Douglas County Schools, Denver, CO


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