The ShopMaster family of products contains patented Liquescent® technology. These unique water-based degreasers are safer alternatives to products containing 1, 1, 1-trichlor, MEK, and 2-butyl ethanol.

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Auto Wash™

Liquid Car Wash

A mild, concentrated liquid foaming cleaner formulated for use in automatic car wash systems. Leaves glass, chrome, and painted surfaces spot free with no scrubbing necessary.



Vehicle Cleaner

Convoy Vehicle Cleaner removes soil buildup and stubborn road film quickly and easily without brushing. Convoy is free-rinsing, leaving your vehicle surfaces clean and bright.


Immersion Cleaner™

Concentrated Metal Cleaner

A low-foaming metal cleaner designed for multiple stage wash systems, dip tanks, and ultrasonic systems. Safe on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.



Industrial Strength Universal Degreaser

Industrial strength universal degreaser formulated with Liquescent technology. Can be used in multiple applications and does not contain butyl, caustics, or phosphates.


ShopMaster® HP

Foam-Free High Pressure System Degreaser

Non-foaming, low pH degreaser designed for high-pressure, high-temperature spray systems. Contains no silicates, has low VOCs, and is safe on non-ferrous metals.


ShopMaster® RC

Industrial Strength Resin Cleaner

ShopMaster RC is a synthetic solvent cleaner ideal for hand-wiping pre-set resins and glues. ShopMaster RC replaces chlorinated petroleum and other volatile solvents.



Heavy-Duty, Low Foam Scrubber & Multi-Use Detergent

A low-foaming, heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser that quickly penetrates and dissolves soils. Formulated for use in automatic scrubbers, pressure washers, and pump-up sprayers.



Aircraft & Aerospace Cleaner

Aero-Master is an odorless, gel-type, heavy-duty cleaner for interior and exterior aircraft cleaning, and other aerospace and transportation vehicles.

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