Buckeye International, Inc. Receives Certification to ISO 9001:2015

19 Jul 2022

Buckeye’s quality management system has once again achieved registration to the ISO 9001:2015 standard for the design, production, and delivery of over-the-counter and cosmetic products! We’re proud to meet the quality standards of the Performance Review Institute (PRI) Registrar and the International Organization for Standardization …

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Eco Proportioning Systems

29 Mar 2022

Proper cleaning and disinfecting begin with proper product dilution. Diluting products by hand can be messy, unsafe, and inaccurate. Eco® proportioning systems seamlessly and accurately dilute products without exposing workers to concentrated products.

Accurate Product Dilution

When products are diluted by hand, user error can result …

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Buckeye Training Programs

21 Dec 2021

Buckeye has always emphasized complete cleaning programs over individual products. With a complete program, maintenance staff receive all of the resources and training they need to keep facilities looking their best. Each Buckeye program is equipped with training materials that standardize cleaning procedures and promote human health …

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