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Buckeye offers a wide variety of carpet care products to meet your carpet care needs including extraction, shampooing, spot removal, sanitizing, traffic lane cleaning, surface cleaning, specialty spot removing, as well as treatments for soil resistance, anti-static, anti-browning, and defoaming.

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Carpet Cleaning Solutions



Betadine® Carpet Spotter

A carpet and upholstery spotter designed to remove Betadine® and iodine stains. Use for daily cleaning and pretreatment before other cleaning procedures.


Carpet Spotting Kit

Includes Buckeye carpet spotters, Stabilize RTU Anti-Browning Treatment, Buckeye Gum, Tar and Oil Remover, a carpet brush, carpet bone, spotting cloth, rubber gloves, and spotting guide.

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Universal Defoamer

Universal defoamer that effectively eliminates foam in hot water extraction systems, wet/dry vacuums, and automatic scrubbers.


Gone™ H2O2

Carpet Spot Cleaner

A carpet spot cleaner that combines the strength of Liquescent® technology with the power of hydrogen peroxide to remove oil and water-based stains. Ideal for use on organic soils.


Gum, Tar & Oil Remover™

Carpet Spotter

A carpet spotter that removes gum, tar, and oil to prolong the life of your carpet. Comes in an easy-to-apply gel and is a part of the Buckeye Carpet Spotting Kit.


Jet Stream™

Extraction Carpet Cleaner

A highly concentrated, powerful detergent with a built-in odor eliminator for carpet extraction cleaning. For use on both oil and water-based soils. Extracts with low foam and no residue.



Carpet Shampoo

A concentrated carpet shampoo formulated to clean and restore your heavily soiled carpets. For use with conventional shampoo methods or dry-foam applications.



Traffic Lane Cleaner & Spotter

A ready-to-use traffic lane pre-spray and spotter in one. Boosts cleaning performance when you apply it before extracting or rotary shampooing.



Soil Retardant

A soil retardant that extends the life of your carpet by protecting carpet fibers from dirt, soil, and stain penetration. Will not change the color of lighter carpets like other protective systems.



Anti-Browning Treatment

An anti-browning treatment that removes yellowish-brown stains caused when your carpets are over-wetted with high pH detergents or over-concentrated carpet cleaning solutions.


Stabilize™ RTU

Anti-Browning Treatment

A ready-to-use anti-browning treatment that removes the yellowish-brown stains caused by over-wetting carpets with high pH detergents or over-concentrated carpet cleaning solutions.


Touch & Go™

Carpet Surface Cleaner

A carpet surface cleaner that removes oil and water-based surface soils when using a bonnet cleaning system. Quick drying for areas that need to be cleaned and reopened in minutes.

Carpet Cleaning Supplies

Buckeye offers the best carpet cleaning products that can handle even the toughest messes. Get rid of stains and odors with our advanced commercial carpet cleaners — contact us today!

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