Industry-Specific Commercial Cleaning Supplies

No matter what market or industry you are in, you owe it to your occupants, guests, and employees to provide the cleanest and healthiest environment possible. At Buckeye International, our goal is to implement an effective cleaning program that promotes the health of facility occupants while also maintaining your facility's appearance.

Our industrial-strength commercial cleaning products and programs are custom-designed to deliver specific results to meet your facility’s needs. Explore our industry-specific solutions below.

Buckeye International

Benefits of Working with Buckeye

Buckeye is more than just a cleaning product supplier — we are your partner providing comprehensive cleaning solutions from hard floor care to hand hygiene and beyond. As an innovative leader in the commercial cleaning and maintenance products industry, we are always looking for ways to benefit our customers even more.

Learn What Sets Buckeye Apart

As a top commercial cleaning supplies manufacturer, Buckeye ensures that each and every one of our bulk cleaning supplies are designed with quality, innovation, and integrity in mind.

A successful cleaning and maintenance program is complete only when you have all of the necessary components. Buckeye will help you customize a program that is specific to your facility’s needs.

We provide facilities with standardized procedures and training tailored to quality Buckeye products that help your team safely achieve a clean environment. Training programs include all of the necessary resources for execution: step-by-step instructional videos, detailed procedure manuals, and easy-to-follow wall charts or flip charts.

Commercial Cleaning Products Supplier

We are committed to providing our customers with full-facility cleaning solutions and exceptional customer service. We are proud to offer the most effective cleaning products available and custom-tailored programs to fit your facility’s specific needs. See for yourself what having a commercial cleaning partner can do for your facility!

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