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The J.P. Davies Company is founded in Dayton, Ohio as a producer of oils for oil-burning lamp and lubrication uses.

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Illustrated Box of Buckeye Soap Chips


J.P. Davies becomes the first company to market commercial chip soap. By 1905, we were the first to package chip soap for household use.


Incorporated under Ohio Law as the Davies-Young Soap Company

Buckeye Soap Specks Newsletters

Soap Specks was a monthly newsletter published by The Davies-Young Soap Company. Pictured left is the July 1930 issue.

Buckeye Nutes

The nut of the buckeye tree, a symbol of luck to many Ohioans, inspired the Buckeye brand name for our soap and other cleaning products.

Product group shot of Buckeye products with old packaging
Man working in factory with a large block of soap
Two men working in a factory with several pails
Man working on machinery in factory

Relocated corporate headquarters, research facilities, and product operations to St. Louis, Missouri

Beginning in 1975, Buckeye became one of the first in its industry to emphasize worker and environmental safety through better products and packaging.


Introduced the Action Pac® - the first recyclable and biodegradable "bag-in-a-box" in the industry.

Buckeye Blue Action Pac


The company was renamed Buckeye International, Inc.

The patented Action Control System was introduced

Buckeye trucks and drivers lined up in a parking lot Close up of Action Control System


The company was renamed Buckeye International, Inc.


The patented Action Control System was introduced


Buckeye continued to be an innovative leader by introducing the Smart Center and the Smart Sac


Launched the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program


Launched the Reflections Wood Floor Program

Arena 300 Action Pac and Coliseum 100 Pail


Introduced the Buckeye Eco® Proportioning Program

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