Introducing Aspida LVT Restorative Floor Coating

Introducing Aspida LVT Restorative Floor Coating

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Often when considering flooring, facility managers choose LVT because it is low maintenance and comes with a protective coating. However, over time that coating can fade with wear. To reduce the impact of everyday foot traffic, prevent scuffs, and give your floors an added shine, you need a protective coating that won’t damage your flooring.

Buckeye is rethinking specialty floor maintenance with Aspida™ . Aspida is a floor coating formulated to extend the life of LVT and other specialty flooring. Because floor strippers can damage LVT flooring, Aspida is strip-free. It protects the floor, creating a soft, more natural look.

Developing Aspida

Buckeye is unique in that we manufacture our own polymers to create our floor finishes and coatings. These are called Renaissance Performance Polymers. Because we create the polymers that are used in our floor finishes and coatings, we control the attributes of each product. 

In creating Aspida, Buckeye developed Polymatrix Technology, a proprietary polymer blend. Through careful manipulation of particle size and distribution, Buckeye has designed polymers and a resin system that eliminates floor stripping, prevents heavy build up, and makes floors easier to clean.

Antimicrobial Product Protection

Aspida also utilizes Microban® antimicrobial technology to provide an added level of proactive product protection against product damaging microbes* - keeping the floor coating cleaner, longer.

All Microban antimicrobial technologies are approved by the US EPA for their specific use in the product in which they are used.

*Microban technology does not protect users against disease-causing microorganisms. Microban Products Company makes neither direct nor implied public health claims. Normal cleaning practices should be maintained.

Buckeye Hard Floor Care Program 

Daily, interim, and restorative maintenance are all important pieces of floor care, no matter your flooring type. The Buckeye Hard Floor Care Program prioritizes labor reduction with quality products and expert training. This complete program has all of the tools and resources you need to keep your floors looking like new.

For more information about Aspida and the Buckeye Hard Floor Care Program, contact your local Buckeye representative.