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What cleaning and maintenance procedures do you follow in your existing floor care program? How do your floors look? What are your expectations? No matter what floor type, equipment, or maintenance needs you have, Buckeye will help you customize the most successful floor care program with the best commercial floor finishes for your facility.

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Floor Stripping Gel

Base Hit™

Baseboard Stripping Gel

This baseboard stripping gel penetrates and emulsifies stubborn floor finish buildup and heavy soils from your baseboards, resilient tile, and hard surface flooring.

Cold Water Floor Stripper


The Ultimate Cold Water Floor Stripper

This ultimate cold water floor stripper is designed to remove floor finish in one application. With a mild fragrance, Juggernaut dilutes at 1:10 for less burnished finishes and 1:4 for tough jobs.

Floor Stripper Cold Water

Liquid Shovel®

Mild pH Cold Water Floor Stripper

A mild pH floor stripper that provides excellent results when used with cold water. It liquefies your toughest crosslink floor finishes and suspends them in solution for easy pickup.

Floor Stripper Green Certified


Environmental Floor Stripper

Removes finishes and seals from all types of floors in one application. Penetrate is a powerful Green Seal™ certified cold water floor stripper that is non-DOT corrosive.

Floor Stripper Cold Water Activated


Universal Cold Water Floor Stripper

This universal cold water floor stripper is butyl-free, effective, and economical. Capable of removing floor finish, heavy buildup, acrylic seal, and water-based urethane concrete sealers.

Floor Stripper Fast Acting


Floor Stripper

A fast-acting power stripper that cuts through your floor finish build up while reducing dwell time. RipSaw’s built-in ADI ensures you achieve the correct dilution ratio every time.

Floor Stripper Non-Ammoniated

S.W.A.T.® NA

Cold Water Non-Ammoniated Stripper

A cold-water non-ammoniated stripper that liquefies the toughest crosslink floor finishes, reduces pad clogging, and speeds up the pickup process.

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