Sales Management Program

Buckeye's Sales Management Program is designed with your success in mind. Our program offers a smooth transition for undergraduates looking to start and grow a professional career. Receive accelerated training, performance feedback, increased responsibility in direct decision-making, and discover many advancement opportunities with Buckeye's family of brands.

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All manufacturing positions are only in St. Louis

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Here's what real Buckeye Representatives have to say (when we put them on the spot) about our Sales Management Program.

Ryan Pittman

Learn more from our Sales Representative, Ryan Pittman, in this blog about the growth he has experienced during his first few years at Buckeye.

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Buckeye University

Ongoing Professional Sales and Product Training

of Buckeye's management started their careers as sales representatives.

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Sales Management Program

Our Sales Management Program develops your sales and leadership skills, in preparation for a management promotion within a growing company.

Field Sales Representative

Buckeye's Sales Management Program offers a smooth transition for undergraduates looking to start and grow a professional career. As a Field Sales Representative you’ll receive professional sales training along with vast product knowledge of the Buckeye product line.

With our focus on professional training and customer service, Buckeye personnel in the Sales Management Program receive a base salary along with quarterly bonus opportunities. The Sales Management Program also offers excellent advancement opportunities. Sales personnel have a defined career path because all promotions come from within the program.

Marking a year in the Sales Management Program, Field Sales Representatives return to Buckeye’s headquarters for an Advanced Leadership and Sales Training Course, an exciting week designed to further advance your skills and lead your peers and sales territory more effectively. At the 2 to 2½-year mark and, with managerial discretion, Field Sales Representatives are eligible for the next step in the program, Account Executive.

Account Executive

The Account Executive position leadership responsibilities includes top tier account management, conducting sales meetings, training, interviewing, and inventory control. Account Executives foster leadership and sales growth through training and mentorship. Account Executives meet collectively 3 times a year at Buckeye’s headquarters to discuss various topics that help further Buckeye’s growth.

Buckeye's Sales Management Program offers the following:

  • Base Salary Plus Quarterly Bonus Opportunities
  • Performance Recognition
  • Promotions From Within the Program
  • Defined Career Path
  • Full-Benefit Program
  • B2B Sales
  • Professional Sales & Product Training

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Protected outside B2B sales territory
Unique products with clear advantages
leadership and sales training

WORK | LIFE balance
Promote candidates from within program
2 corporate training
business trips in first year

performance goals

5 year management plan

Other Companies

Not protected internally or externally
Must start inside sales before outside sales
No unique products or services
Training used as a “weed out” process
quotas for new hires
Weekend hours
Disconnect from headquarters,
Outside hires can leapfrog
Commissions & bonuses are SPLIT
if working with another colleague
No clear plan for advancing career

Sales Management Program


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Untitled-11-on-1 trainingwith General ManagerCCST (Cleaning Center Sales Training) at corporate headquartersQuarterly Account Executive trainingManufacturing Sales Representative trainingOnly preliminary training and no ongoing trainingBuckeyeOther Companies

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Base Salary

Defined Career Path

Full Benefits


Professional Costs

Gas reimbursement
Cell reimbursement

Performance Recognition

6 months: 3-6% increase
1 year:6-10% increase

Performance-Based Bonus Opportunities


Promotions Within Program

Account Executive Promotion


Buckeye provides a full benefits program depending on your position including:

Health Insurance
Medical, Dental, and Prescription

401(k) Retirement Savings Plan

Life Insurance

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Vacation and Holidays

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