Commercial Floor Finishes

Floor finish protects your floors from highly abrasive soils, produces high gloss shine, and extends the life of floors. Buckeye floor finishes and sealers are non-powdering, non-yellowing, self-leveling, and U.L. listed for slip resistance. Our floor finishes are designed for superior performance that reduce time between floor stripping.

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Clarion® 25

Microban Antimicrobial Floor Finish

Infused with Microban antimicrobial technology, Clarion 25 inhibits the growth of bacteria and provides live-on floor protection for the finish’s usable life.



LVT Restorative Coating

Aspida is a strip-free floor coating formulated with Microban and Polymatrix technology to extend the life of LVT and other specialty flooring.



Floor Finish

Non-yellowing and non-powdering with an excellent response to burnishing. Its self-leveling feature makes it easy to apply to virtually all hard floor surfaces.



High Solids Metal Interlock Finish

Non-yellowing and non-powdering to extend your strip cycles. Durable and scuff resistant, one coat of Castleguard equals two coats of most conventional floor finishes.



Maximum Durability Finish

Extend your strip cycle to 18-36 months and resist scuff marks and micorabrasions with Liquimax maximum durability finish.



Urethane Fortified Floor Finish

A water-based urethane fortified floor finish with a slip-resistant surface, designed to beautify and protect your resilient and non-resilient floors.


Verde™ Ultra

Environmental Floor Finish

Achieve brilliant shine, enhanced durability, and an excellent response to burnishing with Verde Ultra. Designed for green floor care programs, Verde Ultra is Green Seal certified.



Environmental Floor Finish

Meet the most stringent environmental standards without sacrificing product performance. Verde provides a high gloss that is easy to maintain so scuffs buff out easily and you save time.




Maintains its beautiful gloss with minimal maintenance. Does not require buffing, is detergent resistant to hold up to frequent mopping, and resists scuffs.



Concrete Floor Coating

Ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants, loading and staging areas, retail facilities, and hard surface areas. For concrete and terrazzo flooring, Proclaim is U.L. Classified for slip resistance.


1st Down®

Stain-Resistant Seal/Specialty Coating

Semi-permanent undercoating for Buckeye floor finishes that resists stains and detergents, and protects floors. Also for use as a sealer/top coat combination on non-resilient floors.



Finish Enhancer

Enhance your floor finish gloss without added labor. Designed for mop-on and autoscrubbing floor maintenance programs, RPM extends recoating intervals and reduces finish buildup.



Concrete Terrazzo Sealer/Finish

Protect floors under the heaviest traffic conditions, prevent dusting, pitting, and crumbling caused by harsh cleaners, and save on labor with Cirene concrete terrazzo sealer/finish.



Spray Restorer For Buffing & Burnishing

Clean your floor finish with this ready-to-use spray restorer. It repairs surface damage and creates a hard, protective coating that improves durability and provides slip-resistance.


Legacy® Enhancer

Polished Concrete Enhancer & Protectant

Provide high shine to concrete floors with minimal maintenance. Improve the appearance of your floors and protect them from tough stains like vinegar, antifreeze, and alcoholic beverages.

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