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Buckeye odor control products neutralize odors, and may be diluted and used in multiple applications for ultimate economy.

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Green Apple

Odor Eliminator

Liquid odor eliminator that engulfs and neutralizes odors immediately while freshening the air. For use virtually anywhere.



Odor Eliminator

A powerful, liquid odor eliminator that engulfs foul smells on contact and prevents their return. It’s floral fragrance keeps your facility smelling fresh for hours.



Odor Counteractant

A patented, liquid odor counteractant that eliminates foul odors at their sources. Spray, mop, or pour onto surfaces in nursing homes, schools, and long-term care facilities.



Odor Eliminator

A liquid odor eliminator that engulfs foul odors on contact and prevents their return. It’s extended action conquers odors long after its fresh fragrance is gone.

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