Buckeye Eco® and Green Seal™

27 Jul 2018

Buckeyes commitment to sustainability means providing the most innovative high performance and costeffective products packaging and programs that promote human health and safety This means removing potentially hazardous ingredients from products using recyclable packaging and much more The Eco Proportioning Program provides some of the … Continue reading "Buckeye Eco® and Green Seal™"

Meet Symmetry at APIC

06 Jun 2018

Next week Symmetry representatives will gather with nearly 5000 healthcare professionals at the APIC Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology 2018 Annual Conference in Minneapolis MN With a goal of infection prevention APIC will present opportunities to learn about the latest technologies and best practices for … Continue reading "Meet Symmetry at APIC"

Host a Reflections Seminar

31 May 2018

The Buckeye Reflections Wood Floor Program will help you get brilliant shine and excellent durability out of your wood floors Buckeye has data to back up these claims but the best way to learn about Reflections is through a Reflections seminar With a Reflections seminar you not only get to see the products in action but you get the chance … Continue reading "Host a Reflections Seminar"

Honors Custodial Training Program

24 May 2018

Buckeye is an innovative leader in the commercial cleaning and maintenance products industry Our products are designed with both performance and safety in mind Buckeye accompanies these industryleading products with indepth comprehensive training from knowledgeable representatives For schools and universities Buckeye takes that training … Continue reading "Honors Custodial Training Program"

Procedures for a Quality Gym Floor

22 May 2018

Preparing your floor before you coat it finding the proper coating and making sure you have the proper training to recoat your gym floors are all important aspects of maintaining their beauty However what you do to take care of your floors between recoating them is equally as important From daily maintenance to special considerations Buckeye … Continue reading "Procedures for a Quality Gym Floor"