Buckeye’s Sustainable Packaging

31 Jan 2019

Buckeye has been working to reduce the amount of plastic in packaging since they launched the 5gallon Action Pac baginabox packaging This package design eliminated plastic pails and their adverse effects on landfills Since then Buckeye has spent 31 years continuing to reduce plastic packaging waste Today Buckeyes Eco Proportioning Program … Continue reading "Buckeye’s Sustainable Packaging"

Clarion® 25 with Microban®

03 Dec 2018

Microban technology in Clarion 25 will provide 247 antimicrobial protection Microban protection can help make floors easier to clean and keep them cleaner longer How does Microban antimicrobial protection work in Clarion 25 floor finish Clarion 25 has been tested using the JIS Z 2801 standard laboratory method and test protocol for antimicrobial … Continue reading "Clarion® 25 with Microban®"

Improve Carpet Care with Buckeye

16 Nov 2018

Advances in carpet design manufacturing and maintenance have made it a viable alternative to hard floors in many facilities Carpets are natural filters capturing most dirt and soil However they tend to hide dirt better than hard floors so waiting to clean carpets until they look dirty is too late To keep your carpeted floors looking their … Continue reading "Improve Carpet Care with Buckeye"

Discover the Effectiveness of Symmetry Products Through the Symmetry Challenge

09 Nov 2018

Buckeyes Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program is more than just its products Symmetry offers added benefits like education and awareness tools behavior modification tools and point of care tools Symmetry has many customizable features designed to help your facility build healthy hand hygiene practices However the foundation of the Symmetry Hand … Continue reading "Discover the Effectiveness of Symmetry Products Through the Symmetry Challenge"

Buckeye’s Green Seal™ Products

25 Oct 2018

Buckeyes commitment to sustainability encompasses products packaging technology and entire maintenance programs In its hard surface cleaners Buckeye has proactively eliminated ingredients like butyl solvents and alcohol bases For some products Buckeye has gone even further For facilities looking to minimize their impact on the environment … Continue reading "Buckeye’s Green Seal™ Products"