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Finish Enhancer

Buckeye R.P.M. enhances your floor finish with an ultra high gloss without being labor intensive. It is designed for both mop-on and autoscrubbing floor maintenance programs. Dilute R.P.M. at 1:4 with water for mopping or autoscrub R.P.M. (mixed 1:10 with water) on your floor, let it dry and buff it out. With either program, R.P.M.’s superior gloss system extends your recoating intervals and keeps finish buildup to a minimum. Also, R.P.M. will not yellow on your floor, is easy to apply and provides a durable, burnishable surface.


Available Packaging:

  • Action Pac
    Action Pac
  • Gallon
  • Quart
  • 55 Gallon Drum
    55 Gallon Drum

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No matter what cleaning and maintenance needs you have, Buckeye will help you customize the most successful program for your facility. Learn more about all of the maintenance programs that Buckeye has to offer.

What cleaning and maintenance procedures do you follow in your existing floor care program? How do your floors look? What are your expectations? No matter what floor type, equipment, or maintenance needs you have, Buckeye will help you customize the most successful floor care program with the best commercial floor finishes for your facility.

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