Douglas County School District

Douglas County School District

Douglas County School District is the third largest school district in the state of Colorado, serving more than 64,000 students throughout 89 schools. Providing the products and comprehensive training needed to keep schools clean is a complex task.

From Manufacturer to School

In recent years, demand for hand hygiene products, EPA-approved disinfectants, and other essential maintenance products has risen. However, working with Buckeye has allowed Andy Cunningham, Warehouse Manager, and Landon Jaggers, Strategic Sourcing Manager, to continue shipping these essential products to Douglas County Schools throughout 2020 and beyond.

We’re in a time now that we’ve never been in before and it’s just nice to be able to deal with a company that will work with us. We’re able to work together to get the best pricing and the quantities that we need to keep our stakeholders stocked with what they need.

Andy Cunningham
Warehouse Manager


Buckeye products are made by Buckeye in the USA, giving the company control over the manufacturing process and allowing them to provide products to customers with minimal fear of supply chain disruptions. Since Buckeye’s partnership with the Douglas County School District began in 2015, Cunningham and Jaggers have not experienced product shortages.

Buckeye is very transparent which has built a lot of trust over the years. We know they’re not withholding information. They’re looking miles down the road for us so we don’t have to react whenever we’re in a bind.

Landon Jaggers
Strategic Sourcing Manager

Products and Programs

Douglas County School District was first introduced to Buckeye through the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program. Having worked with Symmetry products in her previous position at a national pet retailer, Lindsay Bergemann, Director of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Leader at the Douglas County School District worked with Buckeye to implement the full Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program in Douglas County Schools.

Soon after Symmetry became the Douglas County School District hand hygiene provider, Bergemann and the buyer and facilities departments worked with Buckeye to begin testing other products in schools. This included the Eco Proportioning Program, Hard Floor Care Program, and Gateway Liners.

The Symmetry® Hand Hygiene Program

Douglas County School District uses several Symmetry products including, Symmetry Non-Alcohol Foaming Hand Sanitizer, Symmetry Green Certified Foaming Hand Wash, and Symmetry Foaming Hand Sanitizer. These products, like all Symmetry products, are gentle on hands and leave no sticky residue behind.

Douglas County School District also utilizes the Symmetry Behavior Modification System and Education/Awareness tools to help educate students about the importance of hand hygiene and increase hand hygiene practices throughout the school district.


I like how the Symmetry product doesn’t dry out your hands. This is important for teachers who are constantly using it throughout the day.

Lindsay Bergemann
Director of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Leader

Foaming Sanitizer 550ml Sitting on Desk
Symmetry Alpine Dispenser on Wall with Biscuit Behavior Modification
Practice makes perfect poster on Door in school

The Eco® Proportioning Program

The Buckeye Eco proportioning system, packaging, and chemistry are economical, ecologically friendly, reliable, simple to use, and designed for school districts like Douglas County School District to achieve maximum return on their investment.

Douglas County School District is using products like Eco Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner E15 and Eco Neutral Disinfectant E23 to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces throughout schools, providing a clean and healthy learning environment for students.

Eco Proportioning System in Custodial Closet
Buckeye Eco E23 and E15 Trigger Sprayers

The Buckeye Hard Floor Care Program

Douglas County School District was initially interested in the Buckeye Hard Floor Care Program for its ability to customize a program to fit the needs of each school. Buckeye products keep floors looking their best with standardized procedures that reduce labor costs.

Buckeye has also been able to provide them an extra level of protection for their floors with Clarion® 25 Microban® Antimicrobial Floor Finish. Clarion 25 with Microban technology is the first floor finish to utilize Microban antimicrobial product protection to help inhibit the growth of bacteria, providing added live-on floor protection for the finish’s usable life.

Gateway® Liners

Gateway’s R-Fit liners are the lightest, strongest, and greenest solution to significantly reduce the plastic waste that impacts our environment. By switching to Gateway, Douglas County School District was able to:

Find liners that fit the trash cans in their facilities

Reduce plastic waste

Save thousands of dollars with a thinner, stronger liner

A lot of the time we were using 25-gallon bags on a 10-gallon bucket. It was eating up a lot of plastic, and it was a waste of resources as well. Buckeye provided a chart that educated all of our custodians on what bag goes where and that was a huge educational piece for all of us.

Jorge Marquez
Custodial Operations Manager



The Honors® Custodial Training Program

As one of the largest school districts in the state of Colorado, Douglas County School District employs around 160 custodians, most of whom are contract cleaners. Using the Honors Custodial Training Program for Schools and Universities has helped Douglas County School District standardize procedures and train new employees. The Honors website presents easy to follow procedures with training videos categorized by segment, covering topics like routine cleaning or restroom cleaning.

Honors also Includes:
Customizable PowerPoint presentations
Training manuals
Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Product literature
Wall charts

Jorge Marquez, Custodial Operations Manager, and his team utilize the Honors Survey feature to track cleanliness within each of Douglas County School District’s 89 schools. Honors Surveys can be customized by school and allow the surveyor to rate each area of the school by cleanliness, upload photos, and make notes as they inspect the grounds. Marquez’s staff inspect and survey schools every other week to ensure all parts of the school are being maintained to the highest standard.

Having the Buckeye Honors Program has helped not only myself, but the leads to track and evaluate the cleanliness of the buildings when it comes to all the stages. When we get those reports back it’s easy for me to gage how they’re performing and if they’re meeting the standard.

Jorge Marquez
Custodial Operations Manager


Buckeye’s local representatives are committed to the success of their customers. Over the years Buckeye and Douglas County School District have formed a partnership that helps create a healthy learning environment for students.

When I reach out to a representative, I get an immediate response. Getting the answer in a timely manner and getting the support in a timely manner has always been my experience with Buckeye.

Vanessa Hoffman
Professional Development Coordinator

Buckeye representatives provide industry expertise, in-person training, and educational resources.

Contact your local representative today to discover the impact Buckeye can have on your school district.

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