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When the new Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) opened in November of 2019, staff members quickly realized the impact heavy traffic can have on even the newest floors. With between 5 and 15 million passengers travelling through MSY per year, the wear and tear on the terrazzo floors quickly became apparent.

Though the airport had just opened, it was clear the floors would need to be recoated quickly. Authorized Buckeye distributor A & L Sales began working with Louis Harvey, Contract Manager for MSY Janitorial Department, and Scott Murray, President of Confluence Solutions to find a quick solution to the airport's yellowing floors and by January of 2020, the Buckeye Hard Floor Care Program had been fully implemented.


Transformative Hard Floor Care with Buckeye

Buckeye's hard floor care program is designed to reduce labor costs with superior products that reduce the need for strip outs. A & L demonstrated Juggernaut® cold water floor stripper and Proclaim® concrete and terrazzo floor coating. Impressed with the speed with which Juggernaut could strip their floors and the high gloss of Proclaim, Harvey and his team agreed to completely strip and recoat the airport floors. Within two weeks, MSY floors were shining like they never had before.

We found a product that was giving us the results that we need.

Louis Harvey
Contract Manager for MSY Janitorial Department

Louis Harvey
Woman pushing a Janitorial cart at the New Orleans airport

Prioritizing Longevity with Comprehensive Programs

Quality floor care products ensure long-lasting shine, and Buckeye specializes in extending strip out cycles by top scrubbing and recoating only the first few layers of floor finish. Proclaim’s quality and Buckeye's programmatic approach to floor care ensured that MSY did not have to strip their floors for 2 years after the initial program implementation.

This complete program approach includes comprehensive in-person floor care training. Buckeye representatives focus on both routine and restorative procedures, so floors maintain their gloss for years. Buckeye's program also includes tools like wall charts and videos to help remind staff about maintenance procedures and assist in training new staff members.

Scott Murray

We started on February 10th and the airport said we need you to finish the ticket area before Mardi Gras which was two weeks later. [Buckeye and A & L Sales] came in with some people to help lead our crew. We did this huge area and we got it done two days before the deadline.

Scott Murray
President of Confluence Solutions

Group of custodians talking to each other in the New Orelans airport
Custodian wiping down airport seats using E23 Eco Neutral Disinfectant

Routine Cleaning and Eco

Cleanliness is more than your floor. To maintain the floors and the rest of the airport, airport staff began using the Buckeye Eco® Proportioning Program. 9 Eco Proportioning Systems were installed throughout the airport to give staff easy access to essential cleaning products, including:

These four products cover most of the cleaning needs at MSY and are automatically diluted by the Eco Pro Proportioning System to simplify cleaning and disinfecting for MSY staff members.

New Orleans Airport is the proud recipent of the 2021 Airport Service Quality Award

Award Winning Performance

A simplified approach to routine cleaning and a commitment to long-term maintenance has won MSY several awards for cleanliness. The New Orleans Airport has been named Best Airport in North America for three years in a row.

The Louis Armstrong International Airport (MSY) has received a top industry award for Best Airport in North America* for cleanliness in two straight years! Our focus is the passenger, so we are dedicated to teamwork, training, and accountability. We are proud that our custodial staff uses Buckeye Proclaim® Floor Finish and Eco® products to clean. Also, Symmetry® provides the best hand sanitizer in the industry. It truly takes all of us to achieve this recognition!

Scott Murray
President of Confluence Solutions

Essential Hand Hygiene in High Traffic Zones

Having completely transformed in January of 2020, MSY faced an entirely new challenge just two months later. As the COVID-19 pandemic took center stage in March of that year, airports became the center of concerns about the spread of germs and disease.

Fortunately, because Buckeye is a vertically integrated company that manufactures its products in the United States, MSY was able to install Buckeye’s Symmetry hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the airport rapidly. While other organizations struggled with supply chain issues and quality concerns, Buckeye consistently manufactured and distributed products like Symmetry Foaming Hand Sanitizer throughout 2020.

MSY quickly installed dozens of dispensers throughout the airport, giving passengers and staff members needed access to essential hand sanitizer.

I look at it as a compliment when we walk in this airport at night, and you see people sleeping on the carpet. That's a sign they trust the floors that they're lying on.”

Louis Harvey
Contract Manager for MSY Janitorial Department

Beauty for Years to Come

Together, A & L, Buckeye, Confluence Solutions, and MSY have forged a partnership that is committed to consistency, creating a beautiful and clean airport for passengers year-round. With A & L's help, Confluence Solutions has reduced the amount of labor needed to maintain the airport floors and achieved award-winning cleanliness.

New Orleans Custodial Staff group shot

To discover how Buckeye products can improve cleanliness in your facility, reduce time spent on labor, and create a more hygienic environment for visitors, contact your local representative.

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