Litchfield Elementary School District

Litchfield Elementary School District consists of 17 schools in Litchfield Park, AZ.

Roger Spivey, Director of Purchasing, was looking for a cost-effective liner for their school cafeterias. Gateway presented Spivey with the R-Fit liner, a lighter, more durable, and sustainable solution.

R-Fit Liners

Come in trash can specific sizing, enabling Litchfield to find the perfect fit for their school

Eliminate waste due to excessive overhang

Reduce labor by eliminating knot tying for Litchfield staff members

R-Fit box

Litchfield's Previous Liner
1.5 mil

R-Fit Liner
1.0 mil


After switching to R-Fit, Litchfield diverted 3,314 lbs of plastic from the landfill.

3,314 lbs less plastic going to the landfill

Cost Savings

Gateway Liners provided Litchfield with the lightest, strongest liners that work 100% of the time.

Litchfield's Previous Liner
33 x 43
Case Price: $21.00

R-Fit Liner
32.5 x 40
Case Price: $35.15

Total Cost Savings: 16.31%

The sustainability and cost savings provided by Gateway’s R-Fit liners led Litchfield Schools to place an initial order of 150 cases.

Having seen the effectiveness of R-Fit lines, they plan to order 800 additional cases in the coming months.

Gateway Philosophy:

Brining value to a commodity market

Gateway manufactures stronger, lighter liners using only the highest quality resins in the industry.

Highest Quality Resins
Industry Specific Testing
Customized Program
Sustainable Solution


More than 99% of trash can liners go to landfills. This means, in the trash liner industry, the best way to be green is to reduce the overall plastic sent to the landfill, also referred to as source reduction.

99% of liners wind up in landfills

R-Fit Logo

Gateway R-Fit liners are the lightest, strongest, and greenest solution to significantly reduce the plastic waste that impacts our environment. Because these liners are thinner than competitive liners, switching to Gateway can significantly reduce plastic waste.

Standard Trash Can with Black Long Liner


Less Plastic

Trash Can with Shory Gray R-Fit Liner


To find out how Gateway and R-Fit liners can improve sustainability and cost savings in your facility, contact your local Buckeye representative.

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