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Due to rising concerns about the spread of infectious diseases, colleges are looking for ways to keep campuses safer for students, teachers and visitors. Creating a clean, healthy learning environment is more important than ever.

Floor Care

When students began returning to campus in January of 2021, Lindenberger and the Chesapeake custodial staff were looking for ways to make the school cleaner and safer for in-person learning.

Buckeye introduced Clarion® 25 Antimicrobial Floor Finish, the first floor finish to utilize Microban surface modification technology that embeds an EPA registered antimicrobial into the floor finish. Microban protection continuously fights the growth of microbes, making floors easier to clean – keeping them cleaner, longer, at no additional cost.

The Chesapeake custodial staff refinished the floors in the Health Professions and Athletics Center (HPAC) building. They stripped the floors with Juggernaut Floor Stripper . Because Juggernaut utilizes Buckeye's patented Liquescent technology, staff members were not exposed to harmful chemicals like butyl, ammonia, solvents, or alcohol bases. The low odor of Juggernaut and ease of application of Clarion 25 made refinishing the floors a quick, painless process.

Chesapeake College Shiny Floor

With Buckeye's complete Hard Floor Program, Chesapeake saved money while providing peace of mind to students, teachers, and other facility visitors.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Buckeye and Lindenberger worked together during the COVID-19 pandemic to develop a cleaning and disinfecting program for the school.

EPA expects products on List N to kill all strains and variants of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) when used according to the label directions. Chesapeake is currently using Buckeye Sanicare Disinfecting Wipes and Buckeye Sanicare TBX (both on List N) to disinfect in classrooms, locker rooms, hallways, and more.

Sanicare Wipes and Sanicare TBX
Eco Pro Proptionier

Chesapeake is now testing the Eco Proportioning Program for use in their weight rooms and HPAC building. Eco proportioning systems automatically dilute concentrated products accurately, saving time and money.

Hand Hygiene

Sandy Lindenberger, Custodial Supervisor at Chesapeake College in Wye Mills, MD, had been dealing with faulty automatic dispensers for years when she was first contacted by Buckeye. Staff members had been replacing dispenser batteries daily and often had to replace entire dispensers. Lindenberger felt like Chesapeake was throwing money down the drain.

The Symmetry® Hand Hygiene Program utilizes manual dispensers, designed with large sight windows to check product levels and a patented no-drip bellows system to prevent leaks.

Chesapeake College Soap Dispenser
Symmetry Dispensers do not require batteries
Automatic Dispensers Require batteries

Symmetry dispensers are cost effective and durable with gentle and effective hand hygiene products that don’t dry out your skin.

With the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program, Chesapeake customized their sanitizer and soap dispensers with their logo and motto, “Your time. Your place. Your path.”

Trash Can Liners

When Lindenberger learned about Gateway R-Fit Liners, she was interested in the cost savings and plastic reduction they could provide for Chesapeake.

R-Fit Logo

R-Fit liners are the lightest, strongest, and greenest solution to significantly reduce the plastic waste that impacts our environment.

Trash can specific sizing.

Eliminates waste due to excessive overhang.

No more knot tying results in labor savings and better value.

Gateway is working with Chesapeake to customize their program for all trash can sizes throughout the campus.

R-Fit box

As the approach to combatting infectious diseases continues to evolve, Buckeye provides expert advice and effective maintenance tools for schools and universities.

Contact your local representative today to see how Buckeye can customize its programs to fit the needs of your school.

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