Why Buckeye’s Sales Management Program is Right for You

Why Buckeye’s Sales Management Program is Right for You

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“Fourteen years ago, I started out as a Field Sales Representative. I worked my way through the 3 steps of the Sales Management Program and then through various management positions. 90% of people in management positions at Buckeye started out as Field Sales Reps.” –Sean Martin, Recruiting Manager at Buckeye International

For undergraduates looking to start and grow a professional career, Buckeye’s Sales Management Program offers a smooth transition. Whether you studied business or science, a career in sales may be the perfect fit. Buckeye is a nationally branded manufacturer and distributor specializing in hard floor care, gym floor care, hand hygiene, and cleaning products. Through our B2B Sales Management Program, individuals have the opportunity to face new challenges and grow within our expanding company.

Growth Opportunities

Buckeye’s Sales Management Program prioritizes your growth. Entering our program, you may have little to no sales experience. Buckeye offers training opportunities during every step of your career. With Buckeye you’ll receive product training, sales training, and hands-on selling experience that gives you the ability to confidently represent Buckeye products and programs to existing and future customers. Daily learning opportunities are coupled with specialized training experience like our Cleaning Center Sales Training (CCST), Sales Education and Advanced Leadership training (SEAL), and Account Executive Training (AE).

As you gain experience and receive training, your role with Buckeye expands. Individuals begin their career as Field Sales Representatives and graduate to Account Executives. As an Account Executive, you cultivate a leadership role, supporting Field Sales Representatives with training and mentorship. After demonstrating initiative as an Account Executive, representatives can become Manufacturing Sales Representatives. As a Manufacturing Sales Representative, you are responsible for selling, motivating, training, and challenging our independent distributor sales force.

For Buckeye, growth does not stop there. If you are eager to learn and succeed, opportunity to take on a managerial role with one of our many brands is abundant.

New Challenges

Reps can watch their personal skillsets grow as they become more business-minded and step out of their comfort zones. Making calls and setting appointments become opportunities to build relationships with people. As you build on your skills and continue to grow with Buckeye, you will face new challenges and opportunities.

Flexibility and Freedom

In sales, no 2 days are the same. With Buckeye, every day is an opportunity to meet with and interact with new people. Sales positions give you the autonomy to set your own schedule and do not leave you stuck behind a desk from 8 to 5. This flexibility makes you the manager of your own success.

“My favorite part of my job is the freedom. I get to work with different people and every day is different.” – Lawrence Lee, Manufacturing Representative at Buckeye International

If you’re interested in a sales career with Buckeye or would like to apply, contact us or access our online application here.