Procedures for a Quality Gym Floor

Procedures for a Quality Gym Floor

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Preparing your floor before you coat it, finding the proper coating, and making sure you have the proper training to recoat your gym floors are all important aspects of maintaining their beauty. However, what you do to take care of your floors between recoating them is equally as important. From daily maintenance to special considerations, Buckeye has all the procedures to keep your wood floor glossy and ready for play.

Daily Maintenance

  1. Vacuum entryway mats.
  2. Dust mop the floor with an untreated dust mop.
  3. Spot clean floors with a 1.4 oz. per gallon dilution of Buckeye Green Light Super Concentrated Floor Cleaner or Eco® Floor Cleaner Fragrance-Free S32.

Weekly Maintenance

  1. Unload soil from entryway mats.
  2. Dust mop the floor.
  3. Tack the floor with Screen Clean Ready-to-Use Floor Prep Cleaner and Tacking Solution.

As Needed Maintenance

  1. Remove gum and tape.
  2. Use protective matting in high traffic areas during special events or structural maintenance.

Special Maintenance

  1. Scrub the floor with an autoscrubber, white pad and Green Light or Eco S32 to remove heavy soil and black marks.
  2. Scrub the floor with Floortonic® Burnishing Liquid and an autoscrubber. Then burnish with a high-speed burnisher to restore gloss on Arena® wood floor coatings.

Things to Remember

Do not use an autoscrubber daily. At the most, use an autoscrubber twice a month. If you use an autoscubber on a daily basis, grit will accumulate in the cleaning pads. This can scratch your floor. Moisture can also build up in wood floor boards and cause damage to the floor.

Buckeye has a variety of wood floor coatings. Newer floors should be coated with oil-based coatings. If your coating is oil-based, do not use a high-speed burnisher. Oil-based coatings do not respond well to high-speed burnishing.

Dust mops can leave a dry talc-like powder behind that can be slippery. A good way to combat this is to damp tack the floor with microfiber materials.

Keeping up with daily, weekly, and as needed maintenance procedures can breathe new life into your hard wood floors. Find out more about how to take care of the hard wood floors in your facility from your local Buckeye representative.

Download a Reflections Maintenance wall chart below.