Floor Pads

Floor Pads

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It can be challenging to keep any floor surface clean, and doing so without removing floor finish can be extra difficult. Floor pads can help keep any floor surface clean and last longer. There are many factors to consider when using floor pads such as types of floor pads, choosing the right floor pad for your facility, proper floor pad maintenance, and how to use them correctly.

Buckeye Floor Pads

There are different types of pads to fit your needs such as burnishing pads, polishing and cleaning pads, stripping pads, and specialty pads. Some burnishing pads can be used for burnishing multiple times per week, even nightly, and can provide a “wet look.” Other burnishing pads should be used when the finish is freshly applied, helping the finish to cure while increasing the gloss and reducing black marks. A strip pad is for wet stripping with the properly diluted floor stripper. A heavy-duty strip pad is an aggressive, open weave constructed pad that will not clog up and should also be used with the properly diluted floor stripper.

You may have to use specialty pads to remove all of the dirty finish down to the base coats and for wood floor prep. Several brands of auto-scrubbers and burnishers have operator-adjustable pad pressure. It is easy to grind off your finish by dialing up too much pad pressure. If you have a young finish and a machine with pre-set pad pressure, the use of softer pads is the better choice. This means you could use either a white or high-speed buffing pad. When a floor finish is cured and harder, use a red pad. You may be able to use a red pad when the finish is young, applying modest pressure. Then, as the floor finish becomes harder and more cured, use a red pad, applying more pad pressure. The best philosophy to practice is this: if you aren’t intending to apply a fresh coat of finish and don’t want your auto-scrubber dulling out the floors, use softer pads and less pad pressure.


If you are using a plug-in electric machine and you are early on in the floor buffing stages, a gorilla light pad is recommended. Later, you can switch to a more aggressive full hair pad, especially if you have deep scratches. Aggressive pads do a better job repairing floors while softer pads produce better shine. If you are using a propane machine early on in the floor buffing stages, a white pad is recommended. And later you can switch to a more aggressive gorilla light or moderate pad such as blue ice or beige. If a floor needs serious repair but you also want the best shine, buff floors once with aggressive pads for repair. Then buff again with a soft pad to remove the buff haze that happens with more aggressive pads.

You can use floor pads in conjunction with the Buckeye Hard Floor Care program. Buckeye floor finishes are formulated with proprietary technology that never yellows or powders, and the butyl-free floor strippers remove floor finish in one application without harsh odor. Buckeye’s quality products prove to customers that safety and improved product performance can coincide. Buckeye offers an extensive branded line of cleaning and maintenance products that work together to create a customized program for your facility. Each product is designed with quality, innovation, and integrity in mind. Check out more about the Buckeye Hard Floor Care Program here.