The Eco Element

The Eco Element

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International Design Awards

The Eco® Element proportioning system, part of the Buckeye Eco Proportioning Program, earned the Silver Award in the Design for Society category at the International Design Awards. There are many feature benefits that the design of Eco Element provides. You can choose between hidden and keyed integrated lock options and it is self-contained. There is no contact with concentrated product and no exposed tubing. The Eco Element also has translucent buckets, which allow for visual product inspection, ensuring product is always available. You can install the Eco Element in virtually any custodial closet and maximize storage space. And it provides safer proportioning without the concern for back-flow or siphoning.

The Eco Element can be used in remote, satellite, and focused locations. One of the best things about using the Eco Element is that it allows you to use up to three products. It can add quality and value to your overall cleaning program and can be used with the fully integrated Eco Proportioning Program.

The Eco Proportioning Program is designed and manufactured with proprietary technology with the end-user in mind. It is economically and ecologically friendly, while being effective and safer to use. Eco packaging is hermetically sealed to ensure no contamination and manufactured with 83% less plastic than rigid containers. There is a metering plug in every bag to ensure no tip clogging and highly accurate dilution. The Eco Proportioning Program has a simplistic approach to proportioning to help protect and preserve the environment, while helping you achieve the best overall value for each dollar spent. You can see check out the full benefits of the Eco Element and the Eco Proportioning Program here.