Symmetry Hand Washes

Symmetry Hand Washes

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The Symmetry® Hand Hygiene Program offers multiple cost effective hand washes that can fit into any facility’s hygiene program. Symmetry products are available in hermetically sealed packages that are contaminate-free and allow for 99% product evacuation. Having proper hand washes at your facility can lead to reduced hand hygiene costs and increased hand hygiene awareness and compliance.

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If you are looking for Green Seal certified products, Symmetry has multiple hand wash options. You can choose from the Green Certified Liquid Hand Soap, Green Certified Foaming Hand Wash, and Green Certified Foaming Hand Wash Unscented. Each of these hand washes are biodegradable, free of all dyes, and certified by Green Seal to meet the GS41 standard. Symmetry Green Certified Foaming Hand Wash is a good option as a hand cleaner for general hand washing.

Two other hand wash options are Symmetry’s Antimicrobial Foaming Hand Wash and Antimicrobial Liquid Hand Wash. Both products contain 0.3% PCMX for the added benefit of germ killing. They also contain aloe and vitamin E leaving hands refreshed without any residue left behind — even with repeated use. They are available in a mild, fruity-floral fragrance and are perfectly suited for healthcare, hospitality, schools, exercise facilities, and veterinary facilities.

Symmetry also has Hair, Hand and Body Wash, Hair, Hand and Body Foaming Wash, and Industrial Hand Wash to choose from. Hair, Hand and Body Foaming Wash is another Green Seal certified product option for general use. The Industrial Hand Wash is the go-to hand wash for heavy-duty handwashing. It is gentle on skin and powerful on dirt, grease and grime, and it does not clog drains or pipes. It is perfectly suited for industrial facilities. No matter what your facility’s hand wash needs are, Symmetry has a product that can help deliver quality hand hygiene.

The Symmetry Hand Hygiene program has more than just effective hand washes. It offers a full line of hand washes, hand sanitizers, lotions, and dispensers complete with education, awareness and behavior modification tools, and training for all markets. The Symmetry Challenge invites you to evaluate the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program against your current hand hygiene program and a program from a third party. A Symmetry representative will help you hold a product evaluation Expo at your facility and will work with you to create a survey for participants to fill out. After two weeks, results will be tallied and presented. You can also use the Symmetry Try & Buy Program to gather valuable feedback from the people using your hand hygiene products. Symmetry will install test dispensers, along with hand hygiene products, and surveying tools. The Symmetry dispensers will come with a feedback sticker on it so you can easily gather information. The goal is to find out your facility needs and needs of those using your hand hygiene products. That way your facility’s needs and your hand hygiene program become perfectly synced. Contact us today to learn more.