Meet Symmetry at APIC

Meet Symmetry at APIC

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Next week Symmetry® representatives will gather with nearly 5,000 healthcare professionals at the APIC (Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology) 2018 Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN. With a goal of infection prevention, APIC will present opportunities to learn about the latest technologies and best practices for healthcare professionals. From June 13-15, APIC will host more than 100 education sessions, making it one of the most comprehensive infection prevention conferences in the world.

Learn about the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program in Booth #1221 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Representatives will be there to discuss the importance of hand hygiene in infection prevention, especially at point of care. Symmetry’s innovative technologies can improve hand hygiene in your facility and reduce the spread of germs. Here are a few topics they will be discussing:

Point of Care and National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG) 07.01.01

Recently the Joint Commission stated that they would issue a Requirement for Improvement for any observation of individual failure to preform hand hygiene in the course of direct patient care. Symmetry’s Point of Care tools are there for the moments when healthcare workers are in contact with patients and are at high risk of spreading germs. Symmetry offers various 550 and 50 ml options for tray tables, bed rales, supply carts, and more to help individual caretakers to remember to sanitize and wash their hands.

Proven Clinical Acceptance

When asked to compare Symmetry products to their current hand hygiene products, 97% of Symmetry Challenge Respondents chose Symmetry. Symmetry hand washes and hand sanitizers clean hands leaving no sticky residue behind.

Behavior Modification

Symmetry utilizes behavioral science to drive hand hygiene practices. Beyond having products that are gentle on hands, Symmetry uses signs and placards with messages designed to inspire and maximize hand hygiene practices.

Symmetry Products are Triclosan-Free

Because the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finalized a rule that bans the marketing of over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare antiseptic products containing triclosan, some healthcare facilities are looking for safer, alternative options. All Symmetry products are triclosan-free.

Next week, learn about each of these features and more. Meet with a Symmetry representative at APIC and get to know the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program.