Hand Hygiene Compliance: Point of Care

Hand Hygiene Compliance: Point of Care

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Due to the high risk of the spread of HAIs, the Joint Commission recognizes individual failure to follow hand hygiene procedures during point of care as a deficiency. Point of Care refers to the moments when healthcare workers are in contact with patients and are at the highest risk of spreading infections. If a deficiency is recognized, it will result in a Requirement for Improvement (RFI) under the Infection Prevention and Control (IC) chapter for all Joint Commission accredited programs. All RFIs must be addressed before an organization is accredited.

Facilities can increase hand hygiene compliance, reduce the spread of germs, and improve HCAHPS scores with Symmetry® Point of Care items. Symmetry Point of Care items give healthcare workers easy access to hand hygiene opportunities while working directly with patients.

5 Moments for Hand Hygiene

The World Health Organization has identified 5 moments for hand hygiene. These 5 moments define key times when healthcare workers should perform hand hygiene. This evidence-based, field-tested, user-centered approach is designed to be easy to learn, logical and applicable in a wide range of settings, including at point of care.

  1. Before Patient Contact – Clean your hands before touching a patient when approaching him or her.
  2. Before Aseptic Task – Clean your hands immediately before performing a clean/aseptic procedure.
  3. After Body Fluid Exposure Risk – Clean your hands immediately after an exposure risk to body fluids (and after glove removal).
  4. After Patient Contact – Clean your hands immediately after touching a patient and his or her immediate surroundings when leaving.
  5. After Contact with Patient Surroundings – Clean your hands after touching any object or furniture in the patient’s immediate surroundings, when leaving – even without touching the patient.

Point of Care Tools 

The Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program’s Point of Care Tools are designed to be readily available as a healthcare professional cares for a patient. During the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene, Symmetry’s Point of Care Tools keep hand sanitizer nearby for ease of use.

In hospitals, often the most contaminated high touch surfaces are bed rails, bed surfaces, supply carts, over-bed tables, and intravenous pumps. Point of Care Tools can be placed on or near these surfaces to provide healthcare workers, patients, and visitors the opportunity to clean their hands immediately after contact.

Symmetry Point of Care Tools include 50 ml Tray Table/W.O.W.s, 550 ml Suction Cups, 50 ml Lanyards, 50 ml Suction Cups, and 550 ml Anesthesia Cart Brackets.

Contact your local Buckeye representative to find out more information about Symmetry’s Point of Care Tools and how Symmetry can improve hand hygiene compliance in your healthcare facility.