Gateway® Liners: Performance, Savings and Sustainability

Gateway® Liners: Performance, Savings and Sustainability

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Performance and Savings

Gateway’s R-Spec premium liners are the first to achieve a measurable and consistent increase in performance while also providing significant cost savings. Gateway has completely reengineered the can liner with its unique formulation and high-quality resins. With increased performance, we are able to produce liners that are thinner without compromising durability.

Gateway ensures you will not waste money on liners that cannot live up to performance expectations. As an added benefit, our thinner liners result in plastic reduction, which provides you with overall cost savings.

Compared to traditional can liners, Gateway’s R-Spec liners offer:

  • 45% more tensile strength
  • 33% more puncture resistance
  • 28% more tear resistance
  • 31% more weight capacity

Because of this extensive testing, Gateway is able to provide the thinnest, strongest liner that works 100% of the time.


Thinner liners also mean less plastic going into landfills. This is called source reduction and, according to the EPA, it’s the best way to be green in the liner industry. Gateway’s R-Fit liners also help achieve this by design. R-Fit liners offer the right fit for trash cans in your facility. Because they fit perfectly to the trash cans in your facility, R-Fit liners are able to cut down on the amount of plastic used. R-Fit liners can reduce the amount of waste going into landfills by up to 40%.

To find out how Gateway can provide you with better performance, cost savings, and a more sustainable liner, contact your local representative to take the Gateway Challenge.