Floor Care: Troubleshooting Streaking

Floor Care: Troubleshooting Streaking

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The proper floor finish and floor care program can give your facility a clean, welcoming foundation. Having streaky floors will not leave the best first impression. Selecting the right floor finish for your floors is the best way to prevent that streaking.

Buckeye floor finishes are durable and clear. Buckeye’s floor finishes achieve this clarity through Renaissance Performance Polymers. Our competitors buy polymers from outside companies. Buckeye makes their own. Renaissance manufactures polymers specifically for Buckeye’s floor finishes. These polymers can replicate exact specifications for Buckeye floor finishes. The result is consistency and added value for you.

The quality of Buckeye’s floor finishes is unmatched. But, if floor finishes are not applied correctly or properly maintained, streaking can still occur. Here are some simple ways to prevent floor finish streaking:

  1. Do not recoat too soon. Let 20-30 minutes pass between coats, and make sure the finish is dry by touching it with the back of your hand.
  2. Ensure that all contamination sources like furniture polish and mop treatments are cleared from the area. Mop, strip, and rinse the area before recoating.
  3. Use only clean mops and buckets for floor finish application. During the coating process, line your mop buckets with can liners to prevent contamination.
  4. Allow a finish to adjust to room temperature before applying. Do not apply a finish that’s been frozen.
  5. Apply medium to full coats of finish. Avoid thin coats.
  6. Do not use fans or increase direct air flow on a wet finish or it will cause it to flash dry prior to leveling. Allow a minimum of 15 minutes for leveling.

Using the right products is just the start. Buckeye’s Hard Floor Care Program comes with high quality products along with the training you’ll need to strip, coat, and maintain your floors. Buckeye’s Hard Floor Care Program takes into account your floor care goals, with products and training that will allow you to be successful while reducing labor. Allow us to show you how.

Contact your local Buckeye representative to discover how Buckeye’s Hard Floor Care Program can impact your facility.