Eco Heavy-Duty Cleaner E61

Eco Heavy-Duty Cleaner E61

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Eco Heavy Duty Cleaner E61

Soils can be difficult to remove from walls, floors, and other fixtures. Buckeye Eco® Heavy-Duty Cleaner E61 is highly concentrated and can be used to remove pesky soils. It can be used in auto-scrubbers, other industrial applications, and on surfaces such as countertops and ovens.

E61 has many advantages and benefits compared to other heavy-duty cleaners. It works in cold water and offers superior cleaning and soil suspension. E61 is NSF registered, Green Seal certified, and UL listed for slip resistance. Another benefit of E61 is that it reduces the amount of labor needed to complete cleaning, making it more cost effective. You can simply apply the diluted cleaning solution to the surface that needs to be cleaned, scrub thoroughly, and rinse with potable water.

E61 is part of the Buckeye Eco Proportioning Program. Be sure to achieve the best overall value for each dollar spent with the fully integrated Eco Proportioning Program. The program has a simplistic approach to proportioning to help protect and preserve the environment, while helping you achieve the best overall value for each dollar spent. You can check out the full benefits of the Eco Proportioning Program here.