Distributor Focus: Datek, Inc.

Distributor Focus: Datek, Inc.

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Buckeye’s maintenance programs emphasize the proper procedures and training needed to keep your facility looking its best. Each of Buckeye’s distributors provides reliable representatives who provide the training your staff needs for their routine, interim, and restorative maintenance needs. Buckeye’s international network of distributors has enabled Buckeye programs to reach schools, hospitals, grocery stores, and other facilities in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Datek, Inc. is one of Buckeye’s many distributors. Jan and Dave Allmendinger started Datek, Inc. in October 1976. Located in North Little Rock, Arkansas, Datek, Inc. has 7 representatives that cover the state of Arkansas. Datek began as a family-owned business, and continues to operate in that fashion today.

Over 30 years ago, Dave Allmendinger was introduced to Buckeye at an ISSA convention. Several months later Buckeye called and visited Datek, beginning a partnership with years of success and growth selling the Buckeye product line. When asked about Buckeye, Allmendinger says, “Buckeye has always been true to their commitment to us. That, alone, has meant more to us than anything.”

Buckeye has helped Datek grow significantly in floor care with the Hard Floor Care Program. With Action Pacs®, they became one of the first distributors to provide dispensing systems. Datek has grown with Buckeye, embracing the Smart System® and, now, the Eco® Proportioning Program. They have added on each of Buckeye’s programs as they became available including the Eco Proportioning Program, Symmetry® Hand Hygiene Program, and Reflections® Wood Floor Program, as well as Gateway Liners.

Buckeye has allowed Datek, Inc. to continue to grow consistently and provide quality products and programs to facilities across the state of Arkansas. They have grown their business and look to continue a lasting partnership with Buckeye.