Dilution Control Systems

Dilution Control Systems

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Dilution control systems are a major component of any effective cleaning and maintenance program. An effective dilution control system will automatically dilute product, saving time and preventing product waste.

Buckeye’s innovative solution to dilution control is the Eco® Proportioning Program. The Buckeye Eco proportioning system, packaging, and chemistry are economical, ecologically friendly, reliable, simple to use, and designed for your facility to achieve maximum return on your investment.

Eco proportioning systems are key components of the Eco program. The proportioning systems properly dilute super concentrated products with the push of a lever or button. Buckeye has designed the Eco proportioning systems with proprietary technology to produce maximum efficiency. Paired with Eco’s flexible packaging, the proportioning systems deliver a 99.9% evacuation rate, greatly reducing product waste.

The systems are compact and can be installed in virtually any custodial closet to maximize storage space. Choose between the Eco Pro and the Eco Element®. The Eco Pro dilutes for up to 6 applications and is designed for broad spectrum cleaning. The Eco Element dilutes for up to 3 applications and is designed for remote, satellite, and focused locations. Each system has push and lock buttons. Press the button to lock in place to fill mop buckets, autoscrubbers, and extractors hands-free. Optional features include a user designated hidden or keyed lock to aid in security and tracking product usage.

Each feature of the Eco Proportioning Program is designed with your needs in mind. Customize the program to fit your facility by contacting your local Buckeye representative for more information and a demonstration.