Buckeye Odor Control Products

Buckeye Odor Control Products

Often, products that claim to eliminate odors merely mask them with heavy perfumes. Buckeye’s odor control products do more than mask the odors; they neutralize and eliminate them. Buckeye’s odor eliminators may be used in multiple applications, making them economical and less labor intensive.

Buckeye has three liquid odor eliminators: Green Apple, Scavenger™, and Ten-4™. Each are cost effective with multiple applications and work long after odors are gone to keep the area smelling fresh and clean. None of Buckeye’s liquid odor eliminators contain harsh ingredients or hazardous chemicals.

Green Apple eliminates smoke odors, garbage odors, food odors, animal odors, urine and fecal odors, sewer gases, meat rendering odors, and musty/stale odors, leaving behind a fresh green apple fragrance.

Scavenger is pH neutral with a controlled release formula and floral fragrance. Spray Scavenger into the air or apply it to a surface.

Ten-4 has a wintergreen fragrance and can be used on all water washable surfaces including hard surface floors, floor finishes, plastics, painted surfaces, carpeting, fabrics, etc. Scenturion

Along with liquid odor eliminators, Buckeye provides a liquid counteractant, Scenturion™. Scenturion reacts on contact with urine, feces, food waste, and other foul-odor substances. It works to eliminate odors at the source and does not rely on heavy scents to mask the odors. It can be sprayed, mopped, or poured onto odor sources that are not easily removed.

Access cleaning and maintenance procedures, and training for your school or university’s custodial staff with the Buckeye Honors® Program. The Honors program is a complete custodial program for schools and universities. Make cleaning easy and effective by contacting your representative to learn more about Buckeye training programs. Contact us today to learn more.

Eco Odor Eliminator E41

Eco Odor Eliminator E41

Eco E41 Odor Eliminator

Effective odor eliminators make big promises, but usually come up short in results. If you need performance in this area, Buckeye has got you covered. Buckeye’s Eco® Odor Eliminator E41 engulfs foul smells on contact. It also works long after the smell is gone to prevent odors from resurfacing.

E41 works to remove a variety of odors across a variety of surfaces. It can be used on all washable surfaces, and shows extremely powerful performance when tackling washrooms odors to trash dumpsters. With multiple applications, E41 can eliminate odor better by covering every surface in an affected area.

A part of the Buckeye Eco Proportioning Program, E41 is diluted with water making it an economical solution for ridding your facilities of unwanted odors. It’s pH neutral and contains biodegradable ingredients with no solvents or hazardous ingredients listed by OSHA, NIOSH, or RCRA.

The Eco Proportioning Program includes a wide variety of maintenance products that meet your facility’s needs. With Eco proportioning systems, you can be certain you are getting the most value out of your product. It saves workers time and automatically dilutes products at the proper rate. Coupled with the Eco Proportioning Program, E41 and other Buckeye Eco products can help you maintain a cleaner and safer facility. Contact us today to get started.