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Aqua Dust™
Water-Emulsified Dust Mop Conditioner

Aqua Dust, the ready-to-use dust mop conditioner, makes dust mopping more efficient without leaving an oily film or residue behind. Formulated specifically for conditioning dust mops and cloths, Aqua Dust attracts and holds dust particles for thorough removal. It contains special emulsifiers that act as an internal laundering system to allow soiled mops and cloths to be machine washed, saving you time and money. Treated mops may be machine washed with or without the addition of laundry detergent. You may use Aqua Dust on all types of flooring, furniture, Formica®, metal and painted surfaces - virtually anywhere dust control is desirable.


Available Packaging:

  • Action Pac
    Action Pac
  • Gallon

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