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Environmental Floor Finish

  • Green Seal® Certified
  • Satisfies low metal waste water requirement
  • Meets or exceeds government specs
  • Lengthens time between strip outs
  • Pleasant to work with
  • Reduces slip and fall liability
  • Marks and scratches buff out easily to save time

packaging options   

imagesgallonaction pac55 gallon drum260 gallon mega pac


Hard Floor Care Tips

  • Well-maintained entrance mats can capture up to 70% of all the dirt that enters a building.
  • Always mop or autoscrub a floor prior to burnishing. NEVER burnish a dirty floor.
  • When stripping a floor, the floor must remain wet while the stripper is allowed dwell time.
  • When stripping a floor, it is important to tape off areas that you do not want the stripper to touch. A combination of tape and cardboard works well.
  • On older or unusually worn tile, two coats of 1st Down® are recommended, prior to finish application, to help protect the floor.
  • Large areas should be stripped in stages to make the job more manageable.
  • Save leftover stripper to clean the wringer from your finish bucket. This will keep all mop wringers in good condition.
  • Plastic liners are recommended for your finish bucket because they prevent contamination of the floor finish
  • Rayon or rayon blend mops work best for finish application.
  • To prevent floor finish buildup around the edges, do not apply finish wall-to-wall on every coat. Instead, stay six inches from the wall on intermediate coats.