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What cleaning and maintenance procedures do you follow in your existing floor care program? How do your floors look? What are your expectations? No matter what floor type, equipment, or maintenance needs you have, Buckeye will help you customize the most successful floor care program for your facility. <img src="/img/demo-hardfloor-program.svg">

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Clarion 25 Floor Finish

Clarion® 25

High Solids/Metal Interlock Floor Finish

Clarion 25 High Solids/Metal Interlock Floor Finish maintains its high gloss with minimal maintenance. Clarion 25 is an extremely durable floor finish that is ideal when there is lim ....

No Buff Floor Finish Clarion


Metal Interlock/No Buff Floor Finish

Clarion Metal Interlock/No Buff Floor Finish maintains its high gloss with minimal maintenance. Clarion is an extremely durable floor finish that is ideal when there is limited equip ....

Floor Finish Wax 1844


Floor Finish

Achieve a superior gloss with 1844 floor finish! 1844 is non-yellowing and non-powdering with an excellent response to burnishing — features that will extend your strip cycles and sa ....

Floor Finish Castleguard


High Solids Metal Interlock Finish

Castleguard is specifically formulated to counter the high labor costs associated with hard floor care. Castleguard is non-yellowing and nonpowdering, which extends your strip cycles ....

Floor Finish Liquimax


Maximum Durability Finish

Buckeye LiquiMax Maximum Durability Finish can extend your strip cycle to 18–36 months. Buckeye LiquiMax utilizes proprietary appearance while resisting scuffing and microabrasions l ....

Urethane Floor Finish Lucent


Urethane Fortified Floor Finish

Lucent is a water-based urethane fortified floor finish designed to beautify and protect resilient and non-resilient floors. Lucent slip resistant surface.

Floor Finish Ecofriendly

Verde™ Ultra

Environmental Floor Finish

When you want the greatest response to burnishing, Verde Ultra Floor Finish quickly builds to a radiant gloss. Each time you burnish Verde Ultra, you will achieve a more brilliant sh ....

Floor Sealer Ecofriendly


Environmental Floor Finish

Buckeye Verde is a Sealer/Finish designed for “green” floor care programs. All aspects of Buckeye Verde meet the most stringent environmental standards without sacrificing product pe ....

High Gloss Floor Finish



Citation maintains its beautiful high gloss with minimal maintenance time. Citation does not require buffing, is detergent resistant to hold up to frequent mopping, and resists scuff ....

Terrazzo Concrete Floor Coating


Concrete Floor Coating

Proclaim Concrete and Terrazzo Floor Coating is ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants, loading and staging areas, retail facilities, and hard surface areas that get heavy traffi ....

Floor Finish Stain Resistant

1st Down®

Stain-Resistant Seal/Specialty Coating

1st Down is a semi-permanent undercoating for Buckeye floor finishes that resists stains and detergents, and protects floors from dirt penetration. 1st Down is self-leveling and may ....

Floor Finish Enhancer


Finish Enhancer

Buckeye R.P.M. is a Realistic Professional Maintenance system designed to meet today’s increasing demands for a ultra high gloss look, without being labor intensive.

R.P.M. Fi ....

Terrazzo Floor Finish


Concrete Terrazzo Sealer/Finish

Formulated to protect under the heaviest traffic conditions, Cirene is a water-based sealer with incredible adhesion designed for concrete and terrazzo floors. It helps to prevent du ....

Floor Finish Restorer


Spray Restorer For Buffing & Burnishing

Equity is a ready-to-use spray restorer designed to deep clean floor finishes by lifting embedded soils to the surface for removal by the floor pad. Equity’s deep cleaning system rem ....

Floor Finish Burnishing Liquid


Burnishing Liquid

Floortonic Burnishing Liquid extends the service life of your floor finish and wood floor coating, and reduces your labor costs! This one-step cleaner and gloss restorer is formulate ....

Concrete Enhancer Protector

Legacy® Enhancer

Polished Concrete Enhancer & Protectant

Buckeye Legacy Polished Concrete Enhancer & Protectant is a water-based, urethane fortified concrete coating designed to improve the appearance of floors and protect them from tough ....