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Maximum Durability Finish

  • 18 - 36 month strip cycle
  • Microabrasion resistant
  • Formulated with proprietary technology
  • Works with buff or no buff programs
  • Does NOT powder when burnished
  • Does NOT yellow over time
  • Self-leveling without ridging
  • Use on resilient & hard surface floors
  • available in gallons, Action Pacs®, 30 and 55-gallon drums


Buckeye LiquiMax® Maximum Durability Finish can extend your strip cycle to 18 - 36 months. Buckeye LiquiMax utilizes proprietary technology that provides incredible shine, depth of gloss and uniform appearance while resisting scuffing and microabrasions like no other finish. Break the archaic process of stripping every 6 - 12 months. Buckeye LiquiMax stands in the gap left by other finishes that over-promise and under-deliver.


packaging options   

imagesgallonaction pac30 gallon drum55 gallon drum


Hard Floor Care Tips

  • Well-maintained entrance mats can capture up to 70% of all the dirt that enters a building.
  • Always mop or autoscrub a floor prior to burnishing. NEVER burnish a dirty floor.
  • When stripping a floor, the floor must remain wet while the stripper is allowed dwell time.
  • When stripping a floor, it is important to tape off areas that you do not want the stripper to touch. A combination of tape and cardboard works well.
  • On older or unusually worn tile, two coats of 1st Down® are recommended, prior to finish application, to help protect the floor.
  • Large areas should be stripped in stages to make the job more manageable.
  • Save leftover stripper to clean the wringer from your finish bucket. This will keep all mop wringers in good condition.
  • Plastic liners are recommended for your finish bucket because they prevent contamination of the floor finish
  • Rayon or rayon blend mops work best for finish application.
  • To prevent floor finish buildup around the edges, do not apply finish wall-to-wall on every coat. Instead, stay six inches from the wall on intermediate coats.