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One-Step Disinfectant

  • Effective against HIV-1 Virus HBV & HCV
  • Heavy-duty quaternary disinfectant, cleaner, and deodorizer
  • May be diluted at 2 oz./gal. for general cleaning
  • May be diluted at 8 oz./gal. for heavy cleaning
  • Citrus fragrance
  • Meets OSHA's bloodborne pathogen standard
  • Available in gallons, Smart Sacs™, Action Pacs®, and 55-gallon drum packaging

packaging options   

gallonsmart sacaction pac55 gallon drum



  • Use Buckeye disinfectants on anything people touch, including telephones, keypads, doorknobs, and light switches. Instead of spraying directly onto electronic equipment, spray disinfectant onto a cloth or towel first.
  • Dwell time is important for proper disinfection when using disinfectant cleaners. Dwell time can also be accomplished by not completely wiping surfaces dry.
  • Thorough disinfection is important to prevent odors from forming in a restroom.
  • Buckeye's Lemon, Mint, or Pine Quat™, Quat-128™, and Quat-256™ are pH neutral and will not harm floor finish.
  • Buckeye Lemon, Mint, or Pine Quat, Quat-64, Quat-128, Quat-256, Sanicare TBX, and Terminator all are approved for effectiveness against the Hepatitis B Virus (HBV).
  • Thoroughly wash your hands before and after all disinfecting cleaning procedures.
  • Trash cans should be disinfected inside and out when the liners are changed.
  • Pour used disinfectant solution down floor drains to help them stay fresh smelling.
  • A clean, fresh-smelling restroom makes a great first impression.