Workout attacks tough soils immediately. Formulated with Buckeye’s patented Liquescent® technology, Workout quickly liquefies and lifts soils for easy removal. Workout will not leave a residue behind and does not require rinsing. Workout removes graffiti, ball-point ink, permanent marker, crayon, pencil, black heel marks, food soils, grease, oil and most stains. Workout cleans desktops, lockers, chairs, plastic, Formica®, vinyl, and any nonporous surface. Workout is a spray and wipe, ready-to-use cleaner for use on walls, restroom fixtures, desks, lockers and other hard surfaces where water is used. Workout is effective on most types of graffiti. Spray onto soiled area and wipe clean. No rinsing is required.


Available Packaging:

  • Action Pac

  • Quart

  • Aerosol

  • Wipes

  • 260 Gallon Mega Pac

  • 55 Gallon Drum

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