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company history

Buckeye International, Inc. is the innovative leader in the cleaning/maintenance products industry with a heritage marked by a history of quality products, profitable operations, and consistent financial strength. Our company was founded in 1844 in Dayton, Ohio as the J.P. Davies Company, producer of oils for oil-burning lamp and lubrication uses. The discovery of petroleum in 1888 led to a shift in production to bar soap manufacturing. J.P. Davies Company became the first company to market chip soap in a box on a commercial basis, beginning in 1892. In 1905, we became the first company to package chip soap for household use. The J.P. Davies Company was incorporated under Ohio law as the Davies-Young Soap Company in 1914. The nut of the buckeye tree, a symbol of luck to many Ohioans, inspired the Buckeye brand name for our soap and other cleaning products. The Buckeye brand name was registered in 1922. In 1972, Davies-Young Soap Company relocated its corporate headquarters, research facilities, and product operations to St. Louis, Missouri, and with our growth in international business, changed our name to Buckeye International, Inc., in 1990. Today, all of our products bear the Buckeye brand name and are used throughout the world in hospitals, long-term care facilities, schools, and industrial and retail facilities.

Beginning in 1975, Buckeye became one of the first in its industry to emphasize worker and environmental safety through better products and packaging. Instead of following the rest of the industry, Buckeye decided to step ahead and develop its own patented chemistry just as effective as those containing butyl, yet much safer to work with. Our patented Liquescent® technology was the way of the future for Buckeye. This water-based technology not only strengthens the cleaning power of Buckeye products, but it also removes hazardous chemical ingredients, such as butyl, ammonia, solvents, and alcohol bases.

Buckeye continues to be the innovative leader through its product proportioning systems including the patented Action Control System II® and the Smart System™. Buckeye was the first company in the maintenance cleaning products industry to introduce the "bag-in-a-box" concept. Our Action Pacs® utilize this idea and contain 1/12 the non-biodegradable materials of a standard five-gallon pail. Packaging innovations continued with the Buckeye Smart Sac™. This packaging contains 60% less plastic than rigid containers and is designed for use in the lockable, easy-to-use, and efficient Smart System™. Packaging is just another way Buckeye uses innovative ideas to make safer products that are more convenient than ever to use.

Buckeye doesn't stop all this innovation with products and packaging. Our company leads the way in providing superior customer service as well. From specialized training programs for end-users to timely deliveries and professional support, Buckeye customers know that they're getting the most innovative service and products in the industry.