Help Prevent HAIs with Symmetry

14 Oct 2019

Many HAIs healthcareassociated infections are transmitted by healthcare personnel and hand hygiene is a primary means to reduce these infections Health Research amp Education Trust affiliate of the American Hospital Association Hand hygiene noncompliance is a major cause of HAIs Its also one of the easiest practices to improve Symmetrys … Continue reading "Help Prevent HAIs with Symmetry"

Improving Indoor Air Quality While Recoating Your Gym Floors

26 Jun 2019

Improving the indoor air quality while recoating your gym floors can be a challenge Recoating your schools gym floors takes time Oilbased wood floor coatings can take up to two weeks to fully cure During the application and drying process wood floor coatings can emit VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds odorous gases that can sometimes be dangerous … Continue reading "Improving Indoor Air Quality While Recoating Your Gym Floors"

Cleaning Food Service Areas

26 Apr 2019

Maintaining a clean environment is important for the health of those who enter your facility Its even more important in kitchens and food service areas where germs are likely to populate A kitchen sink can be one the of the dirtiest places in any facility Thats why Buckeyes food service products promote a sanitary and contaminatefree environment … Continue reading "Cleaning Food Service Areas"