Floor Care in Healthcare Facilities

Floor Care in Healthcare Facilities

According to a study done by Infection Control Today, floors and soles of shoes are real sources of pathogen contamination and transmission. The American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) states that hospital rooms are frequently contaminated with pathogens, and high-touch objects are frequently in contact with the floor. Contact with objects on floors frequently results in transfer of pathogens to hands.

The cleanliness of hospital floors can make a huge impact on the spread of HAIs (Healthcare-Associated Infections) in healthcare facilities. Disinfecting floors is vital to the health of patients, staff members, and visitors, but there’s more you can do for your floors between cleanings. To counteract bacteria growth on floors, Buckeye has developed Clarion® 25 floor finish with Microban® technology.

Microban technology is built-in antimicrobial product protection that gives products an added level of protection against damaging microbes such as bacteria, mold, and, mildew. In Clarion 25, Microban helps prevent bacteria from multiplying on your floor, keeping floors cleaner, longer.

Clarion 25 is one of several Buckeye floor finishes formulated with Renaissance® Performance Polymers. Renaissance makes polymers specifically for Buckeye floor finishes, guaranteeing consistent durability and clarity. The shine of Buckeye floor finishes can help create a welcoming environment for hospital visitors and guests.

Built on standardized cleaning procedures, the Buckeye Hard Floor Care Program has all of the tools you need to keep visitors comfortable. The floor care procedures make floor maintenance a quick and easy task for staff members. Buckeye’s top scrub and recoat program helps reduce the amount of labor that goes into floor care by extending strip outs. This means you can devote more time to other hospital maintenance needs.

For healthcare facilities, reducing HAIs and providing a comfortable environment for patients and visitors are top priorities. Keeping facilities welcoming starts with cleaner, clearer floors. To find out more about how the Buckeye Hard Floor Care Program can impact your facility floors, contact your local Buckeye representative.

International Infection Prevention Week 2018

International Infection Prevention Week 2018

This week is International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW). The goal of IIPW is to raise awareness of the role infection prevention plays in improving patient safety.

The theme for this year’s IIPW is Protecting Patients Everywhere. With a theme this broad, the Association for Professionals in Infection Control (APIC) is promoting topics ranging from the use of antibiotics to proper hand hygiene. Protecting Patients Everywhere is about protecting patients and others through the continuum of care.

The Symmetry® Hand Hygiene Program can help you improve infection prevention in your facility. Following proper hand hygiene steps is one of the best ways to help improve patient health and safety. Symmetry has all of the hand hygiene tools you’ll need to improve hand hygiene practices in your facility.

Symmetry Dispenser

Symmetry products kill 99% of germs and come with comprehensive efficacy data, making them a reliable choice for facilities looking to stop the spread of disease. More than that, Symmetry products are gentle on your hands.

However, having the proper products available in your facility isn’t enough. This is why the Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program comes with tools to help motivate people to keep their hands clean. Its education and awareness tools include things like posters and wall charts, designed to explain the “How” and “Why” of proper hand hygiene. Symmetry also utilizes behavioral science to create unique placards and signs with messages designed to inspire and maximize hand hygiene practices.

For IIPW, the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) is focusing on infection prevention throughout the continuum of care. Symmetry provides Point of Care tools for healthcare facility workers to use throughout care for a patient. Suction cups, brackets, and lanyards make it possible to access hand sanitizer while workers are in contact with patients and are at the highest risk of spreading infections.

The Symmetry Hand Hygiene Program is just one of many ways your facility can work to prevent the spread of infection. International Infection Prevention Week happens every third week of October, but infection prevention is a year-round job. Check out all of the tools APIC provides to keep you informed about infection prevention here.